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<p>Galaxian <sup id="cite_ref-3" class="reference"></sup>is a 1979 fixed shooter arcade game developed and published by Namco. It was licensed and distributed by Midway Games in North America. The player assumes control of the Galaxip starfighter in its mission to protect Earth from waves of aliens. Gameplay involves destroying each formation of aliens, who dive down towards the player in an attempt to hit them.</p> <p>Designed by company engineer Kazunori Sawano, <i>Galaxian</i> was Namco’s answer to <i>Space Invaders</i>, a similar space shooter released the previous year by rival developer Taito. <i>Space Invaders</i> was a sensation in Japan, and Namco wanted a game that could compete against it. Sawano strived to make the game simplistic and easy to understand. He was inspired by the cinematic space combat scenes in <i>Star Wars</i>, with enemies originally being in the shape of the film’s TIE Fighters. <i>Galaxian</i> is one of the first video games to feature RGB color graphics, and the first ever to use a tile-based hardware system.</p> <p><i>Galaxian</i> was Namco’s first major arcade hit. It is one of the best-selling arcade games of all time in North America, with over 40,000 arcade units sold by 1982. The game was celebrated for its gameplay and usage of true color graphics. In retrospect, it has gained fame for its historical importance and technological accomplishments. Its success led to several sequels and reimaginings; most notable of these is <i>Galaga</i>, which usurped the original in popularity. <i>Galaxian</i> has also been ported to many home systems, and is included in numerous Namco compilations.</p>

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