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<p>Zoo Keeper is an arcade game created by Taito America and released in 1982. The player controls Zeke, a zookeeper, attempting to rescue his girlfriend Zelda from a zoo where the animals have escaped from their cages. The majority of the game takes place on a screen where the player builds a wall to keep animals in the zoo—jumping them to avoid contact. Platforming segments are interspersed every few levels. The game was available as a conversion kit for Taito’s <i>Qix.</i><sup id="cite_ref-flyer_2-0" class="reference"></sup></p> <p><i>Zoo Keeper</i> has three different types of stages. In the zoo stage, Zeke must run around the edges of the screen to build up the zoo’s outer wall and keep the animals from escaping as they try to break through it from inside. Each of these stages is timed, with items appearing periodically that can be picked up for bonus points. One item is always a net; if Zeke picks this up, he can use it for a few seconds to capture animals and put them back in the cage. Multiple nets appear in later zoo stages. When time runs out, the player earns bonus points for every animal that is not outside the wall perimeter. Points are also earned for jumping over animals.</p>

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